MyOpera exile

End of MyOpera is getting closer.

In my previous post I was thinking about moving to G+, but definitely not doing that after all. Thanks to Google forcing G+ on Youtube users. In fact, I deleted my G+ profile and still thinking if I should delete my entire Google account and maybe make a new one and not give Google as much info about me. Don't trust Google anymore to have my data & my info.

Moving to somewhere else then.

Some old Opera people have made and I gave it a look after seeing this thread on the forums, but they were asking a bit too much (including real name, phone number and address!) so didn't jump there right away. Re-looked at it today and now they only want email address, real name and your country. No idea if they really check if you are using real name 😛 but I suppose I can trust them with that, so I went and registered.

New blog nothing there yet though :p

Happy Joulu/Jul/Yule/X-mas everyone 🙂

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  1. It is Icelandic, made by old Opera people and don’t like the alternatives, so why not. Looks pretty good. So I am going to give them a try.

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