05:20 – Drove my car in ditch :doh:

I slowed down and corrected the steering a bit and suddenly car is pushing towards the ditch on the right side of the road, managed to steer away from that ditch, but ended up in the left sides ditch :awww:

Not really much damage to car, left headlight and bumper were the only things that took damage, + the paint job on the left side I suppose. Still had to leave it there, need something to pull it off.

Car just passed the vehicle inspection on last friday and I filled the tank when I left, so pretty annoying. :irked: …

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This is how my Conky setup looks like. No idea where I snatched the original .conkyrc file, but it looked nice so I copied it and made some minor adjustments to it. Wallpaper is from Interfacelift

Still using Ubuntu 8.10, never got around upgrading to 9.04 and now the 9.10 is out. Apparently you cannot upgrade 8.10 directly to 9.10, so I think I'll make a clean 9.10 install in few days, clean installations always work better. …

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